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Buffalo White Sage (California)...

Great for Smudging!  Superior Scent!


PRICE: C$8.99 / RETAIL: C$10.00 - 30 g / 1 oz.

PRICE: C$21.00 / RETAIL: C$25.00 - 85 g / 3 oz.

PRICE: C$29.99 / RETAIL: C$35.00 - 141 g / 5 oz.

Buffalo white sage can b used as cleansing in the removal and negativity or unwelcome energies in a space or oneself.

Used in the practice of meditation or healing sessions.

Our products are the purest and highest premium quality.

Safety First: For safety purposes, do not leave incense or candles unattended while it is still burning

The scent of the white sage will bring a sense of peace and clarity - while clearing negativity from within the room.